Mentiras de espiões

After former CIA agent Kyle Achilles is still coming to grips with the deaths of his parents and beloved older brother by the Russians, who framed him for their murders, he's on the run with his brother's fiance Katya. He and Katya join forces with Russians Max and Zoya to solve not so secret plans on which president is planning to kill the other with their Sunrise and Sunset operations. Very exciting page turner. Tim has found a great character in Achilles somewhat like Vince Flynn was with Mitch Rapp. I've read everything by this author and can't wait for the next one. You don't need to read in order but it might help as the character of Achilles is introduced and you will gain a deeper understanding of him. I never knew "rock climbing" is a relaxing past time.

I hope he keeps the character going without trapping me into a cliffhanger series or he will lose me.

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